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Renata creates bespoke hand-made leather wearables incorporating steel, glass, plastic and other traditional or contemporary materials that add soul and character to each unique piece.

Many pieces draw from the elegance and form of animalistic movements and motions, using traditional artisanal techniques in combination with leather moulding, fabric manipulation, laser cutting and 3D printing. 

Her love for leather and metal started from a very early age and over the years developed into a real passion. Her inner fantasies, connection with the spirit of the planet and fascination with everything equestrian, particularly the craftsmanship of saddlery has been her inspiration throughout. She then started experimenting with combining those elements together ultimately creating unique, animalistic and ancestrally inspired pieces that allude to evolved states of consciousness.

Her philosophy is to embody the “inner deity” of her clients within her work and these pieces serve as an extension of their personality. The dramatic, dynamic forms and silhouettes are designed to accentuate the face, body and the soul of the subject.

She emphasises materials and production methods that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. In the age of fast & disposable fashion, more that ever she feels the importance of promoting and supporting traditional craftsmanship. All her pieces are hand made by herself in her London studio and she sources all her materials from ethically conscious suppliers, primarily using vegetable tanned, recycled or sustainably sourced leather and leather offcuts usually discarded as waste by others.

She doesn't use any genuine exotic skins. And only uses FAUX fur or at rare occasion discarded UP-CYCLED vintage fur.